Turman Forest Products is a hardwood sawmill that specializes in the manufacturing of green Appalachian hardwood lumber. These include poplar, white oak, red oak, hickory, and assorted other hardwood species found in the region. Turman Forest Products is the newest acquisition of The Turman Group which includes Turman Lumber, Turman Sawmill, Turman Tye River, Turman Hardwood Flooring, and other subsidiaries. The Turman Group is a vertically integrated group of wood product companies located in Southwestern and Central Virginia.

 The Turman Group was founded in 1967 with the startup of Turman Sawmill that specialized in Appalachian hardwood and white pine lumber. In addition to lumber, The Turman Group manufactures 12 million sq. ft. of hardwood flooring and 30,000 tons of hardwood fuel pellets per year. The Turman Group is a premier manufacturer of all grades of green and kiln dried hardwood lumber, and pallet stock, as well as a domestic and export log reseller, and natural and dyed mulch producer.

Turman Forest Products was formerly Hilltop Lumber and was started by the Allen family in 1981. The Turman Group acquired Hilltop in February of 2018. Turman Forest Products produces 4/4 to 16/4 lumber as well as pallet cants, cross ties, boiler fuel, bark, and clean wood chips. To date the sawmill has approximately 30 full-time employees. Turman Forest Products buys gate logs and standing timber, purchasing more than 6 million board feet of logs and standing timber per year.